About us

At DailyChef, we believe every home on the planet can become a bright, clean, and friendly cloud kitchen for the neighbourhood.

Sharing meals and breaking bread together has always been the best way to connect with the community and we at DailyChef have built the world’s first community-based marketplace dedicated to home chefs and foodies so they can easily and quickly share fresh, homemade meals within the neighbourhood, in real-time!

By using the DailyChef app, friends and neighbours can share homemade meals with each other in real-time! Anybody can be a DailyChef or a Foodie—simply sign up and start cooking fresh homemade food or start ordering freshly made homemade food in real-time from around the neighbourhood—if you can smell it, you can order it!


Why become a DailyChef:

  • Earn from home
  • Cook what you know-No special skills needed
  • No special meals to cook, no menus
  • Use what you have-No special cookware needed
  • Cook as part of your daily routine of cooking for family and friends
  • No food wastage-only cook extra when live requests come in
  • Minimum extra cost-the extra cost to make 4 meals instead of 2 is marginal
  • No future commitment-cook and sell in real-time
  • Get to know your neighbours
  • Help people eat healthy
  • Help your community

Why become a foodie:

  • Get notified when a DailyChef posts a meal around your location
  • On-demand meals
  • Trustworthy quality from one home to another
  • Eat healthy home-cooked meals daily
  • Large variety of meals available in your neighbourhood
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Get to know your neighbours, share their culture
  • Support your neighbourhood’s home business
  • Help and support your local community

How it works

Home chef:

  • Decide what you’re cooking today
  • Post the meal
  • Post how many meals you’re willing to sell
  • Post the price per meal
  • Offer home delivery or self-pickup
  • Get paid directly


  • Scroll through the DailyChefs in your area
  • Select what you like
  • Send a meal request and wait for them to respond
  • Pay the DailyChef directly when you get the meal in your hands

In app features include notifications, messaging, direct calling, and directions

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