FAQ's and best practices


Best practices for DailyChefs:

  • Be organised—we recommend creating a weekly or by-weekly meal plan
  • Have packaging materials ready before you post your meals
  • Be reasonable with your time and resources
  • Focus on the quality, hygiene, and quantity of each meal
  • Price your meals carefully
  • Post and price accompaniments like roti, dip, salad, bread, etc. separately
  • Don’t over-commit
  • Be punctual
  • Use eco-friendly packaging—there is a link available on the “post a meal” page for your convenience
  • Take your payments promptly



Where are DailyChefs located?

The proprietary algorithm that the DailyChef App operates on shows you DailyChefs in and around your neighborhood within a 3 km radius of your current location.

How do I pay for my meal?

You pay the DailyChef directly, in person, when you receive the meal.

How do I communicate with a DailyChef?

Once your meal request is accepted by a DailyChef, we offer you in-app solutions to connect with the DailyChef directly through messages, direct call and/or google maps.

Why do I have to wait for the DailyChef to accept my meal request?

The DailyChefs who are offering fresh-homemade meals are cooking at home, not in a professional kitchen set-up. They usually have no help in the kitchen and are also keeping an eye on their home—managing their families and other home activities. Keeping that in mind, we have left the final decision of either accepting or rejecting an incoming meal request up to the DailyChef.

Can I edit my meal request or make special requests?

You cannot edit a meal request once it has been confirmed by a DailyChef. However, in case of minor special requirements, you can communicate with the DailyChef directly through the message or call buttons provided in-app.

Can I cancel my meal request?

A meal request once placed cannot be cancelled.

What if the food is not to my liking?

The meal being provided to you has been cooked by hand, at a home—especially for you! We encourage you to be open to new experiences and tastes as the person providing the meal is not a professional and might not be able to provide a standard tasting meal. You could take heart in the knowledge that the meal you are eating is probably being eaten by the DailyChef’s loved ones at home—at the same time as you!

What if my requested meal is delayed?

Once a meal request is accepted by the DailyChef, you, the foodie, are given direct access to the DailyChef via messaging and direct call.

What if I want to collect my meal or just say “Hello” to the DailyChef?

While the DailyChef has the prerogative to offer home delivery or not, once offered, it is you, the foodie, who gets to choose whether you want the convenience of a home-cooked meal delivered to your door or not. It is up to you to either opt for a home delivery or choose to go over to the DailyChef’s home and collect the meal.

Can I ask for refunds?

As the DailyChef App does not collect any payments, we cannot offer any refunds. We encourage you to leave honest ratings after each meal.


Who can be a DailyChef?

Anyone who is of sound mind, either 18 years old and/or of a legal age to be considered an adult can become a DailyChef. A DailyChef must take complete responsibility toward ensuring the meal they are offering is prepared in a clean and hygienic home kitchen with fresh and healthy ingredients. Basically, sell what you would eat and feed your own family.

Do I have to deliver every time I post a meal?

The option to offer a delivery service is completely up to you—the DailyChef. But remember, as an added incentive to deliver meals and make your foodies’ life easier, you can charge a delivery fee. We have observed that a fair delivery fee charged regularly will add upwards of 10% to your total earnings.

How do I get paid?

The DailyChef App is a listing service and does not permit any financial transactions through the app. To ensure complete transparency, and immediate returns for the DailyChefs, we recommend that each transaction is completed promptly when the meal changes hands.

How many times a day can I post meals?

There is no limit to the number of times and the number of meals you can post in a day.

Can I take advance orders?

While a DailyChef can post meals in advance for the day, like lunch or dinner, the idea behind the DailyChef App is to allow home chefs to take meal requests and sell what they’re cooking in real time. This ensures that the food quality is maintained to a basic standard and all the meals served are fresh.

What about packaging?

We recommend eco-friendly and leak proof packaging. For your convenience and as a suggestion, we have given a link in the “Post a Meal” form which will take you to Amazon.com from where you can get started.

How do I communicate with my foodies?

Once you accept a foodie’s meal request, we offer you in-app solutions to connect with the foodie directly through messaging, direct call and/or google maps.

What kind of food should I offer to sell?

DailyChef, as the name suggests, is about home chefs who are experienced in cooking healthy, delicious meals for themselves and their loved ones. You can sell gourmet to everyday food, as long as you, the DailyChef, are comfortable cooking the meal in a healthy, wholesome and safe environment.

Do I have to accept all incoming meal requests?

No. You are not obliged to accept any incoming meal requests. However, we would encourage you to honor your commitments for meal requests accepted by you.

How do I price my meals?

As a DailyChef, you can either create excel sheets with exact recipes (as illustrated below) or, for a quicker approach, simply open one of the many food delivery apps on your phone, search for the meal you’re posting, and draw comparisons for optimal pricing. We have done some calculations and have concluded that an average discounting of 35-40% from a restaurant’s pricing will give you a fair ball-park figure for pricing your home-made meal.

How do I earn money?

You earn money by selling freshly cooked food from your home kitchen. While there is no fool-proof way to calculate the cost price of each home cooked meal, as a rule of thumb, we have worked out that the cost of cooking food for the family is covered when the DailyChef sells an equal amount of food as cooked for the family. Any meal sold beyond that limit, if priced correctly, brings in real time earnings.

An illustration:

Calculations for one portion of chicken curry:

Chicken curry Quantity Ingredients Price per unit
1 250 grams chicken ₹95.2
3/4 tomato ₹3.00
1/4 teaspoon salt ₹0.45
1 onion ₹12.67
1/4 teaspoon turmeric ₹0.53
1/2 teaspoon coriander powder ₹1.05
Cooking gas ₹20.00
Packaging material ₹5.00
Total cost ₹137.93

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